About the Florida Real Estate Agents Email Mailing List

Many people who would want to purchase a house or piece of real estate will first look for a real estate agent for guidance. The primary function of the real estate agent is to aid every process of the buying between the parties involved. Additionally, real estate agents will also introduce tenants to the owner of a piece of property for either purchasing or renting. The real estate agent get a fee based on a percentage of a property or rental fee which is known as commission.

The past few years have made people shy away from purchasing real estate because of the turbulent and uncertain market conditions that have dogged the real estate sector. Opportunely, the tide has been slowly turning in several states in particular Florida. Anyone who looks at the real estate environment of Florida will think that the sales of properties in Florida are taking a turn for the worst but nothing could be further from the truth. Experts have analyzed the market condition and found that the Miami real estate is starting to take an upward trend and they project that the market will soon stabilize in the following months.

Sales figure that were released by Florida Association of Realtors are encouraging. They indicate that they are driven by bargain hunters that come from all parts of the country to purchase homes that are owned by banks. The sales of single family homes in Miami Dade county increased by even more than fifty percent. Getting more information on bargains can be instrumental which is why you should get the Florida Real Estate Agents Email Mailing List.

There are two factors that have contributed to the bouncing back of the real estate market in Florida. One of the driving factors is the falling prices of the high end high priced properties which actually make up a large share of the market. The second contributing is the decreasing presence of distressed properties entering the market. If you have been looking to buy a home in Florida you will be happy to know that the price per square foot has dropped and there are several properties to choose from so check out the Florida Real Estate Agents Email Mailing List. It is important for any prospective buyer to know that properties that are located in trendy neighborhoods are still expensive but they too have been affected by the price drops.

While it is true that the number of properties that are distressed in the Florida real estate market make up a large portion, they have begun to decrease in number. More and more people are buying homes that were in foreclosure as hunters from all over the country. Some of the properties you are likely to find include high priced homes, condos and apartments. The declining of the number of foreclosure properties in Florida are a good indication that the real estate market will stabilize and the future is going to be brighter. You can find out more information about more information about Florida real estate through the Florida Real Estate Agents Email Mailing List.